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Since 1978, members of the Peninsula Executives Association have been getting together weekly on Thursday mornings.

That’s a lot of time together!

It’s also a lot of close ties formed between greater Peninsula area business professionals, building and strengthening a network that members have come to rely on. We count on each other for continuing business relationships and new business leads; for information and advice; for thoughtful concern and more than a few laughs.


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Once a week, we meet to exchange business and information leading to business. We build connections by attending open houses hosted by members. We get together for occasional optional social events.


We learn about a diverse set of industries and occupations by sharing weekly presentations focused on member businesses. We ask questions. We inform. We teach. We learn.


We do business with each other. We refer friends, neighbors, colleagues, associates, clients, customers. We make suggestions, offer advice, lend an ear. We do what we can to build the business of each member.


Though diverse in the variety of businesses represented, we are united by a commitment to building a trustworthy network of business owners and operators.
You are welcome to rely on our members as your own quality referral resource.


Gleim the Jeweler (Jeweler)

Welcome to Gleim the Jeweler. Since 1931, Gleim the Jeweler has been one of the premier family-owned, independent jewelers in the United States, provided our clients with the finest jewelry, gems and timepieces, as well as a full range of services. But most importantly, we ensure you have a good experience when you come into our store, whether it is to look for an engagement ring, an important anniversary gift, or merely a new strap for your watch.

Kristen Chew L.Ac. (Acupuncturist)

Kristen Chew, L.Ac., CMT, CYT is a nationally certified and California licensed acupuncturist and practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Her approach to healing integrates the ancient wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine with the modern technologies of frequency medicine and light therapy, and is inspired by her experience as a therapeutic bodyworker and knowledge of yoga asana.

Prostone Services (Stone, Tile, Grout Cleaning & Restoration)

Anthony Tirtoprodjo and Jonathan Ong are the new owners of Prostone Services. Don’t let their youth fool you! These guys have been working in the family business since they were each 5 years old. Both have their merits: Jonathan has a background in operations and construction management with the US Army. His degree in business and years of experience puts him in charge of the day to day operations, scheduling, and administrative actions of the company. Anthony has his background as a handyman and creative artist. With his charm, eagerness, and attitude, he runs the marketing and advertising sectors of the company.

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